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Troubleshoot Your Water Pressure Problems in Shakespeare & Surrounding Areas

Do you have plenty of water but experience low water pressure? Low water pressure can be a serious issue for any household. If your home gets its water supply from a well system and you have low water pressure, get in touch with Weitzel Pumps & Water Treatment for effective and reliable solutions.

Servicing your pressure tanks can prove fruitful in increasing the water pressure. An average water pressure for a house should be between 40 to 60 psi, and if the water pressure is floating around or below 40 psi, you can increase it by adjusting the pressure switch on the tank. A bad pressure switch can also decrease the flow of water. In such cases, the pressure switch needs to be replaced. Having your pipes checked regularly can also improve the water pressure. Pipes that carry hard water often get clogged or blocked by mineral deposits. Removing and cleaning faucet aerators and showerheads that are plugged with scale or sediments can also increase the water pressure.

Having a low water pressure can be because of multiple reasons. If adjusting the pressure switch or treating blocked pipes does not increase the water pressure, it is advised that you get your well pressure system checked by a professional. Get in touch with Weitzel Pumps & Water Treatment for reliable treatment.

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