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Effective Water Treatment Solutions in Shakespeare & Surrounding Areas

Access to clean and potable water is essential for every household. Weitzel Pumps & Water Treatment specializes in offering effective water treatment solutions in Shakespeare and surrounding areas to improve its quality and make it acceptable for usage. Water treatment is crucial to maintain human health. Water treatment does not involve treating water alone but also the distribution after treatment.

The removal of contaminants to make it fit for consumption also involves chemical processes. Initial water treatment processes include filtration, distillation, and disinfection. The common types of household water treatment system are:

  • Filtration system: A water filter mechanically removes impurities by means of a physical barrier of sand or gravel.
  • Water softener: This is a device which reduces the hardness of water thus making it fit for usage.
  • Distillation: Here, the solid contaminants are separated by boiling the impure water and then condensing the steam.
  • Disinfection: Adding chemicals like chlorine and ozone kills microorganisms.

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